Our Objectives


The aim of this project is to develop a new tool capable of fully identify, develop, and compare new storage concepts in an easy manner, providing a reliable and cost-effective solution based on the specific conditions of each possible scenario. This development will impulse the fully dispatchable CSP industry into new markets, and all the steps of this project will include societal objectives to increase awareness and acceptance of the new technology.


  • To develop a new simulation tool for different thermal energy storage concepts in CSP plants
  • To design and test a new laboratory-scale phase change material storage system
  • To design and test a new high-temperature concrete storage system
  • To find a low-cost solid particle material suitable for high temperature CSP thermal applications
  • To design and test an advanced packed bed storage system that can use multiple storage materials at lower cost and reduced storage volume
  • To providing guidelines for a potential increase in the peak operating temperature up to 750 ºC


  • To reduce the LCOE as compared to 560 ºC state-of-the-art CSP technology. This would be achieved by a 30% reduction of the capital cost of key components and 3-4% of reduction in the O&M costs, mostly thanks to the higher power block efficiency and the higher reliability of the components, with special emphasis in the reduction of the storage system.
  • Lower uncertainties on the plant production due to the accuracy of the new software.